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I took these photos of my best friend Anna at the lake this weekend. I was rather pleased with them, and I can't wait to get the rolls of film I took developed also. Feedback would be lovely!



Hello followers! This is my umpteenth attempt at a Blogspot blog. I have blogged on this website on and off for years, but I always seem to forget about it after a while. I am much more consistent with my Tumblr blog, which can be found at http://bohemianlikeme22.tumblr.com. I am taking one more stab at this website, and to kick things off I'm going to provide a little info about myself.

Name: Makayla
Age: 20
Hometown: Dothan, AL
Relationship status: Taken by Mr. Jacob Weber
Interests: Fashion, music, photography, the fine arts, travel, literature, drugs, sex, outdoorsy shit, shopping/thrifting, my boyfriend's cooking, partying, deep conversations, science, world history, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
Occupation: I am a full time student and an assistant manager at a video store/tanning salon.
Major: Design, technology, and industry with a concentration in photography
Favorite bands: Led Zeppelin, The Kills, The White Stripes
Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Factory Girl, Donnie Darko, The Departed

I am going to post whatever I find inspiring, be it fashion, music, art.. what have you. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to keep this updated as regularly as possible.